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# Name Album Time
1 Street King (Intro) Street King Immortal 3:47
2 Good Guy, Bad Guy (Produce by Blaze) Street King Immortal 4:07
3 Champion (feat. Eminem) Street King Immortal 3:41
4 Menace 2 Society(Prod. Scott Stoch) Street King Immortal 3:46
5 Death Before Dishonor (feat. Nas & DJ Premier) Street King Immortal 3:27
6 Predator Street King Immortal 3:47
7 Trapped(feat. Drake) Street King Immortal 4:19
8 You Ain’t Ready (Feat. Rihanna) Street King Immortal 3:21
9 Action N Reaction (Prod. Timberland) Street King Immortal 3:37
10 Amnesia (Prod. AraabMuzik) Street King Immortal 3:57
11 Hav ? Street King Immortal 4:08
12 Illusion ?(Prod. Piano) Street King Immortal 2:52
13 How Many Times (feat. Ne-Yo) Street King Immortal 4:32
14 Imperfections, Only Human (feat. Royce da 9'5) Street King Immortal 4:53
15 My Legacy Street King Immortal 3:57
16 Immortality (Outro) Street King Immortal 3:17
17 I'm The Man(feat. Christ Brown) Street King Immortal 3:10
18 Try Me (G-Unit) Street King Immortal 3:31

Leaked Information About 50 Cent - Street King Immortal

There's a rumor going around the internet about 50cent New album called Street Kings this rumor is true and it will be dropping on the 18th of august 2016. This is one of 50cent Official Website. You can get his the full track (mp3) of Street King Immortal. It was leaked on one secret forum and now we are here to share this 50 cent complete album to you. Browse through the site and download the album here for free now, no need to wait till august 18 or purchase on iTunes because we already have the complete 20 tracks of this album.

This is true this album has the opportunity to be a BIG album for 50 with alleged features from Drake, Royce Da 5'9, Rihanna, Nas, and Eminem.

This is following a recent trend of recent leaks of track lists that included Beyoncé's re-release, Rihanna, and Kanye West.

50 Cent Street Kings Immortal - Video Triller

Background: 50 Cent Street Kings Immortal!! - Wiki

Street King Immortal is the upcoming sixth studio album by American rapper 50 Cent, set to be released through G-Unit Records, Caroline Records and Capitol Records.

Initially reported to be released during the summer of 2011, the release date of Street King Immortal has since been revised on several occasions, largely due to disagreements between 50 Cent and Interscope over the release and promotion of the album, which led to the album's brief cancellation. Later, Interscope announced that the album would be in stores on November 13, 2012.

50 Cent did an interview, while he was in France promoting his headphones of his own company SMS Audio, confirming the album was pushed back to February 26, 2013.

After a year of informational silence about the album, a new release date was officially announced as September 16, 2014. However, 50 Cent later announced that the album was pushed back into 2016.



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